Welcome to Scott MacKenzie

Design. Solutions. Sustainability.

My name is Scott MacKenzie, and I'm a user experience designer based in San Francisco.
I focus on energy, climate, behavioral science, and design.

I've led the design and development of an online community and sharing platform that supports a network of science educators and communicators who are using behavioral science research and communication strategies to combat climate change and ocean acidification.
Planning a wedding on a budget isn't easy. It's a big day and there are countless decisions and details to be minded. To keep costs down and make the experience for our guests a unique representation of us, my wife and I decided on a few DIY details. Okay, more than a few.
Energy and environmental issues are complex and poorly understood, so my good friend and graduate school cohort S. Neil Larsen and I created Project Groundswell, a space where we could distill well sourced information and highlight new ideas that might inspire change.
Setting Limits in the Classroom is part of a book series focused on setting clear, firm, and consistent boundaries in the home and classroom. I provided a series of infographics for the revised 3rd edition of this book that illustrated major concepts and mapped out behavioral interactions.

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